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It's never been much easier to track your CPD requirements - Everything Medical Practitioners Need To Know About ... in Albury New South Wales Aus. FREE for all medical specialists, AMA's CPD Tracker enables you to log finished activities across all CPD categories, anywhere, anytime.

The AMA's totally free CPD Tracker is now available on Topbar, the clinical choice assistance platform, and supports Australian doctors including professional GPs to self-manage their continuing expert advancement (CPD) compliance. The AMA CPD Tracker App, available on Topbar to over 4,800 general practices and Aboriginal medical services, abide by medical CPD requirements kept track of by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA).

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Medicare eligibility for all medical professionals will be automatically connected to registration status and not subject to whether they continue to be acknowledged as a Fellow of the college. This gets rid of a process that treated GP recognition for Medicare differently to non-GP specializeds. This will offer GPs with the same liberties enjoyed by other specializeds when it pertains to satisfying CPD obligations.

GPs, like other professionals, will now be able to take control and self-direct their CPD in line with the CPD requirements set by the appropriate college. The CPD Tracker App provides a personalised, trusted, and available digital platform for medical professionals and medical students, allowing customers to take control of their CPD commitments at the click of a button.

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