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If more than one protocol asks for the same patient information, the duplicated data will not be appropriately tracked, and clients might be sent clashing messages. For this factor, the system will not enable a clinician to assign a procedure that gathers a replicate reading. Please ensure that your client understands the essentials of the protocol, such as benefits, material of messages (PHI, PII, condition) and grant its usage with the understanding of the and listed below.

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Collection of a client's info by Annie is subject to federal law. When complete, please note the patient's participation in the medical record.

You will still need to discuss Consent with your clients in order for them to use the Protocols features of Annie, otherwise they are limited to just getting VA medical center broadcast messages - . With regard to Scope of Practice factors to consider, only certified clinicians, such as the following, practicing within the licensure that they hold may get verbal permission from a patient to designate a protocol: Licensed Practical Nurses (restricted)* Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Physicians, Physician Assistants, Registered Dieticians, Registered Nurses, Social Employees, Therapists, Accredited clinicians are accountable for complying with their appropriate State Practice Act and any laws governing their occupation and relevant to their place. * An LPN can obtain informed permission, if the procedure is ordered by a physician, registered nurse, or other appropriate clinician, and if the state in which the LPN is practicing allows it

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If another employee will complete registration and task of a procedure, then the licensed clinician must create an order in CPRS (the medical record) to start. All medical employee can examine reactions sent out to Annie from VA clients. In either Personnel or Admin View, tap on the protocol with a change history you would like to view.

You will see an introduction of the procedure and the modifications that have been made to it. In Staff View, first look for and pick a client whose message history you would like to see. Tap the tab. You will see the details of the messages exchanged in between Annie and your patient.

Tap the Reports tab. Under Filters, tap the measurements under the Readings heading you want to see. Tap the time frame for the data covered in the report for which you would like to see. A summary of the picked readings will be on the best consisting of the least expensive reading, the highest reading, the average and present readings and the number of days information was sent out over the time period picked.

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You will go to a chart of the picked data. Tap to see the information as a table and to go back to the graph from the table. Facility Group Admin permits you to include and edit groups at centers. Just particular team member designated by the center will have Center Team Admin rights.

Key in the team name and a brief description for the purpose of the group. You will be triggered to add staff member and clinicians. Follow the steps to include group members, then tap to add the team or to go back to the Include Teams screen without adding a group.

Any among these can be used to restrict or broaden the data revealed. While there are two checking out parameters for a blood pressure reading: Systolic and Diastolic, there is just one message for each reading. Messages, therefore, need to reference both specifications, as in the copying: "Your BP is extremely low.

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The most likely reason Annie will reject your patient's reading is due to the fact that your patient did not utilize the proper keyword. Annie uses keywords to understand what kind of details the patient is sending out. When a client reacts to a request from Annie to send in a reading (e

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Type in the reason for factor change, and tap.

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Define for what centers you would like to send the message in addition to a subject of interest if desired (). Key in the title approximately 40 characters (the title will not be sent out as part of the message). Type your message up to 160 characters, and define how often your messages need to be sent